Wellington Tutor

Jenna has spent the previous three years completing her Bachelor of Science degree majoring in chemistry at the University of Otago. She has recently moved to Wellington to study a Bachelor of Laws. She loves that the two degrees contrast, and require different thinking and problem solving strategies. Jenna is able to tutor Maths, Statistics and Chemistry up to level 3, as she attained an excellence endorsement for these subjects at each level, and achieved a scholarship in Statistics in her final year of college.

Jenna believes that Inspiration Education has a unique approach when it comes to tutoring because they use the holistic model, which allows the tutor to identify external factors that may be affecting the student’s learning. She thinks it is important to identify problem areas, so that she can help the student to work on these and therefore gain more confidence in their abilities.

Jenna believes in using a variety of mediums to help engage the student in the relevant subjects. Whether this be using flashcards, diagrams, recall tests, or discussion, the technique chosen should be tailored to the student’s needs, with the overall goals being an increase in confidence, extension of knowledge, and greater enthusiasm for the subject.

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