Wellington Tutor

Hayden is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science double majoring in Chemistry and Physics. He has always enjoyed the practical application of science to everyday life, and enjoys always being able to see his surroundings in new light after studying a new topic. Hayden is able to tutor Maths, and Science particularly in Chemistry and Physics.

Hayden enjoys tutoring as it gives him the opportunity to meet a student and discover the style of tutoring that best suits the student. In addition, it allows him to directly help in areas that the student is finding the most difficult, allowing him to structure a lesson based around the questions a student may have. He also enjoys seeing the growth of a student as they progress and improve in a subject.

Hayden’s tutoring style is centered around explaining concepts using real world examples, as well as using a combination of visual and numerical techniques to highlight new concepts. He believes that learning just one new technique or seeing an idea in a new light can open up so much more of the topic that before seemed previously inaccessible to the student. By strengthening the basic ideas of a topic, he believes that solving more complex problems will become more straightforward and manageable.

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