Wellington Tutor

Gabrielle is currently in her third year of pursuing a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Actuarial Science and minor in Mathematics. Since primary school she has been passionate for mathematics, and her major allows this passion to be used in a more applied way in terms of solving real life problems. Gabrielle is able to tutor NCEA Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, English and Drama up to Level 3, and Level 1 Science.

Gabrielle likes to teach students in as many different ways as possible in order to thoroughly grasp a concept. By breaking concepts down intosmaller ideas, she is able to isolate and help students understand concepts efficiently. She also believes in tutoring through holistic approaches as well, as she acknowledges there are so many factors in a student’s life that can affect how they learn.

Gabrielle likes to support the student’s learning by ensuring their academic goals are met. This may be through setting small and larger goals within the lesson and checking them throughout, and also by ensuring the student is comfortable and willing to learn.

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