Wellington Tutor

Chamonix is currently pursuing a conjoint degree consisting of a bachelor of design innovation and a bachelor of commerce, majoring in industrial design and marketing. Chamonix enjoys challenges and different ways of thinking that Physics and Maths present and hopes that she can inspire others to reach their full potential.

Chamonix enjoys one-on-one tutoring because it presents an opportunity to get to know how each student learns so that she can help them to improve the student’s self-learning. It also gives way to a more response-based system where she is able to adjust her way of teaching if the student is not responding well. Chamonix loves helping students build confidence in their abilities to the point where they are able to enjoy the subject themselves. She finds this ties in nicely to the holistic vision of learning advocated by Inspiration Education, where learning is all about the student.

Chamonix likes to break subjects down in a visual way, with diagrams and checklists to illustrate connections between topics. She believes in being able to look at both individual concepts and the subject as a whole. She also believes in building a solid foundation when it comes to learning something new. This may include going over key words or easier concepts before learning long, complex processes.

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