Palmerston North Tutor

Ngahuia is currently pursuing a bachelor of veterinary science. Ngahuia enjoys the challenge of solving real-life problems and the new ways of thinking that the sciences present. She loves inspiring and motivating others to find a similar passion within the science and statistical fields. Ngahuia is able to tutor Biology and Statistics up to level 3. Ngahuia enjoys one-on-one tutoring because of the opportunity to adapt the method and learning style to fit each student, while striving towards greater success. It also provides Ngahuia with a more response-based system where she is able to adjust her way of teaching if the student is not responding well. Ngahuia loves helping students find their passion while building confidence in their abilities. Ngahuia likes to break down subjects in a visual way, using diagrams and checklists to aid the student’s understanding of the topic. She believes that it is important to gain a strong understanding of both the individual concepts and how they link together as a whole. She also believes in developing a foundation of key words and basic concepts before building further upon them to learn more complex processes.

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