Palmerston North Tutor

Devin is pursuing a bachelor degree in Cellular Biology. She enjoys the practical applications that science brings and the challenge of solving real-life problems. Throughout high-school, Devin was highly involved in equestrian sports and took all the science subjects. Devin can tutor NCEA Biology, Chemistry and Statistics upto level 3.

Devin enjoys one-on-one tutoring because it gives the opportunity to adapt learning styles to fit each student, while striving towards success. Devin also likes to share the academic journey with a student and develop their confidence. To get students motivated and engaged in their study, Devin likes to use real-life examples and applications that relate to the concepts being taught.

Devin is quite a visual learner herself, so likes to break down subjects in a visual way, using diagrams and analogs to aid the student’s learning. She believes it is important to gain a strong understanding of individual concepts, before building and linking them together into more complex ideas.

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