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Tyra is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Management Studies with a major in Accounting and minor in Economics. She studies at the University at Waikato and wants to eventually become a chartered accountant at one of the big four accounting firms. Even though Tyra took a broad range of subjects at school she found a passion for business when she was looking into what career path would suit her.

Tyra is confident in tutoring Accounting, Science, Physics and Mathematics. Tyra enjoys tutoring because she loves to see her students succeed by achieving their goals.

She likes to help students not only with the content of the subject but with strategies for studying and nailing internal and external standards. Tyra wants to help students get on top of the subjects they are participating in and feel confident when they walk into the end of year exam. She will help students achieve this by breaking down large subject areas into small manageable chunks which students can easily get their minds around before continuing on. Through using the hollistic model, Tyra will help students conquer all areas of the learning journey.

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