Hamilton Tutor

Tom studied a Bachelor of Social Science with a double major in psychology and labour studies, and is now studying a Masters in Sociology at the University of Waikato. Tom is passionate about helping students find their own path into a subject in order to open up possibilities and help them discover interests in diverse fields. Tom is available to tutor English up to scholarship level, Media studies, Statistics level 3, Math up to level 2, Science to Level 2, and Biology to level 3.

Tom enjoys one-on-one tutoring because it presents an opportunity to develop a strategy and approach with the student to best fit the way they engage and learn in order for them to get the most out of a subject. It also gives way to a more response-based system where he is able to adjust his way of teaching if the student is finding difficulty. Tom loves helping students find confidence in their abilities to discover new pathways and interests in a subject that they may not find in a regular classroom setting.

Tom likes to approach subjects with discussion with the student alongside brainstorming and building a foundation of knowledge in order for the student to discover the links between concepts. He believes in being able to look at both individual concepts and the subject as a whole in order to discover where each piece fits in the wider scheme of the subject. He also likes to approach the learning of new concepts by allowing the student to lead while guiding them toward building a strong foundation of knowledge and forging links between ideas.

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