Christchurch Tutor

Luis is currently pursuing a bachelor degree with honors in civil engineering. Luis enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems in real life scenarios and has a passion for the creative application of science and mathematics in this field of study. He loves to share this passion by inspiring others to find a similar interest in the field of science and mathematics.

Luis is able to tutor Physics and Mathematics/Calculus up to level 3, as well as university civil engineering courses. Luis enjoys one-on-one tutoring because he enjoys the opportunity of sharing an academic journey with a student, adapting to and shaping their learning style while striving for greater success together. The one-on-one tutoring also provides Luis with a more response-based system where he is able to adapt his teaching to the student’s strength.

Luis loves to plant an academic passion within the student by developing the student’s confidence in the academic field by emphasising the content’s relevance to real life scenarios. Luis likes to break down subjects in a visual way, teaching with the aid of diagrams and concrete analogies to aid the student’s understanding of the topic. He believes that it is very important to gain a fundamental understanding of the academic principles of the subject’s content and being able to link these. This may include a strong understanding in the key terms and basic concepts. Luis will pursue to push his student to this level through continual testing and challenges that will provide the student with great exercise.

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