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Harriet is pursuing a conjoint of Bachelor of Management Studies and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Waikato; majoring in strategic management and law.

Completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in high school means that Harriet is able to teach Maths, Business, Economics and English in both NCEA and IB.

Having grown up on a dairy farm, Harriet has an interest in agribusiness and hopes to one day work within the primary industries in large corporations. Harriet enjoys tutoring in a one on one setting as it gives students an honest and supportive learning environment to achieve their goals. Being heavily involved in rowing and various other commitments throughout school means that Harriet understands that high school life can be very demanding of students and therefore works with them to develop effective and efficient study techniques and plans. Harriet enjoys working with students to discover how they best learn and what they enjoy learning about to make education more enjoyable.

She likes to provide students with context and a big picture overview of the ideas they’re learning about before diving into the the smaller intricate parts to a topic. Harriet strongly believes in the importance of a holistic view of education and putting everything into perspective, helping students when they feel overwhelmed with issues such as exam anxiety.

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