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Gabrielle is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in ecology and biodiversity at the University of Waikato. She has chosen this educational pathway because she thoroughly enjoys biology and desires to broaden her knowledge. After she completes her undergraduate degree, she intends to travel the world before returning to New Zealand to continue her education.

Gabrielle’s dream job would be to combine photography and biology by documenting peculiar plant and animal species in remote places. Gabrielle grew up beside the ocean so whether she is swimming, surfing or boating, she has always felt at peace being close to the sea. She has been a surf life saver for five years and through this involvement she has gained many qualifications such as her first aid level two certificate and her IRB drivers award. Gabrielle is enthusiastic to work alongside young people and share her knowledge and passion for all of the subjects she has experienced throughout her education.

She will be available to tutor NCEA English for levels 1 to 3, NCEA Science for level 1, NCEA Biology for levels 2 to 3, NCEA Classical Studies for levels 2 to 3, and junior English and Science (year nine to ten). She is also experienced in NCEA Art Painting and Photography for all levels. Gabrielle’s teaching style is very adaptable as she has taught kids of all ages through previous education-related jobs and she understands that everyone is engaged in unique ways when learning. Therefore, her lessons will work around the individual needs to the student she is with.

She strongly believes that each and every child is extremely talented in a particular area, sometimes they might just not realise it. She found her passions and talents by being supported by influential people in her life and hopes that she can provide support for more young people in New Zealand who need it. To support her students, Gabrielle be fully committed to her students and will view her student’s goals as if they were her own.

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