Hamilton Tutor

Divya is currently pursuing a conjoint degree consisting of a bachelor of management studies and a bachelor of law, majoring in accounting. She is looking to work as an in-house lawyer and later returning to University to become a lecturer. Divya has a passion for business subjects such as Accounting and Economics and can also tutor Statistics and English.

Tutoring gives Divya the opportunity to pass on her knowledge and skills and gives the student the opportunity to achieve their goals. Having left high school in 2013 Divya is quite familiar with the new NCEA system and the support required for a student to succeed in all three levels of NCEA as well as year 9 and 10 and to achieve their goals.

Divya like to tailor her way of teaching based on the students’ needs, whether it is to make diagrams or work through several questions. She believes that it is important to build a strong foundation of a subject by going over the basic concepts and becoming confident with them, making it easier to understand the rest of the topic.

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