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Bronwyn is currently in her fourth year at the University of Waikato, completing a Bachelor’s of Science (Technology), majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Bronwyn hopes to continue with her Master’s in Science and one day conduct genetic research towards cures in the field of medicine. Bronwyn has enjoyed mathematics; the universal language, and science generally from a young age, as she likes a challenge and continuous development in these fields.

Bronwyn is available to tutor in Mathematics up to and including level 1, general Science up to and including level 1, Biology up to and including level 3, and Statistics up to and including level 3. Bronwyn enjoys tutoring because she enjoys seeing students succeed, and she enjoys passing on her passions to students. She sees potential in every student and encourages them to have an open mind towards their education. She believes in setting goals, likes working alongside students to achieve them, and enjoys seeing students succeed. She is supportive of students, and understands the difficulty of understanding and retaining content.

She likes to help equip students with the skills they need to overcome these struggles. Bronwyn believes students should understand why a concept is important for not only assessments, but how it relates to the wider world. She likes to use analogies tailored to a student’s hobbies in her explanations. In her tutoring, Bronwyn likes to cover the basics involved in a concept and fill in the gaps of a student’s knowledge before they move on to larger and more challenging explanations. She believes that practice questions from pasts tests and exams are helpful for students to realize what gaps exist in their knowledge, and they also assist them in becoming familiar with the layout of tests to help lower exam anxiety.

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