Dunedin Tutor

Willa is currently in her second year at the University of Otago and is studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Anatomy and minoring in Microbiology. After completely the first semester of Health Sciences First Year, she decided to change course with a focus on subjects she found particularly interesting such as human evolution, the human body and microorganisms. She is passionate about biologically-based science and loves the possibility of her future either involving research in these subject areas, or even post-graduate entry to study Medicine.

Willa is enthusiastic about inspiring others as well as nurturing the growth of students learning. She enjoys one-on-one tutoring as it provides a far more tailored experience for each student, which not only enhances the students learning but also provides a supportive, friendly and safe learning environment where a close relationship can be established between the tutor and the student. Willa loves helping her students to build confidence in themselves and learning skills that encourage them to become passionate about their own learning. This means her tutoring will not only help improve her students learning but also, encourage a growth mindset that will aid them in future studies. Willa likes to use visual methods in the form of diagrams, brainstorms or analogies as a way of breaking down content into sizeable chunks. She believes that starting from the basics and working up to the harder ideas by building each piece of information onto the other is the most effective way of conquering a concept.

Willa is excited by the prospects of being able to benefit and contribute to the learning of her students and hopes to have a positive impact on their learning journey.

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