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Maeve is a fourth-year student who previously completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science in 2020 and is currently studying medicine. She has a particular passion for science, and aims to ignite the same love for learning she has in students as they progress through their academic careers. In her free time, Maeve likes to get outdoors for a run, or spend time relaxing with friends and family.

Maeve can tutor Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Maths, Statistics, and some tertiary-level science papers. Maeve is friendly and caring, and aims to create a supportive environment where students feel they can both fail and succeed in order to reach their goals. She has experienced many failures and successes herself, and draws on these past experiences to help equip students with the tools they need to become confident, independent learners.

These skills will be applicable beyond the tutoring session, and seek to help foster a life-long enthusiasm and relationship with learning. Maeve likes to ensure that every small victory with learning is acknowledged, meaning a student’s strengths are built on to develop their self-efficacy, which in turn allows weaknesses to be identified and also worked on without the student feeling discouraged. The one-on-one environment means each student’s different needs can be catered to, and the tutoring sessions tailored to be delivered in ways that best each student. This may be with the aid of diagrams, relating learning to real-life scenarios, or talk-based strategies which ensure the student is truly understanding the content. She likes to make sure the ‘big picture’ concepts are well understood before zooming in on the finer details.

Maeve aims to empower a student in their own learning, so they too are intrinsically motivated moving forward through their own academic journey.

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