Christchurch Tutor

Sati is currently in his fifth year at Canterbury University, studying towards a conjoint Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science and minor in Mathematics. He enjoys thinking in different ways and enjoys the challenge of studying maths alongside the reading and writing heavy law and political science.

Sati has been tutoring people since he was at high school and loves helping students reach a point where they are able to see the ‘big picture’ and make important connections themselves. He does this by focusing on the building blocks of a topic, and building up a students confidence by slowly encouraging them to then make the connections between those blocks. Every student is different and he enjoys finding what teaching style they each respond to and using that to help them succeed. They may be collaborative and need to discuss content, or they may be a student who needs a lot of different forms of practice to grasp the material.

He has found that this approach ties in very well to Inspiration Education’s holistic model which emphasises an individualised approach. Oftentimes it is not just a lack of knowledge about the content of a subject that is holding a student back from learning, but some aspect of their mindset towards it, or an external factor getting in the way of their success. He believes that helping them manage these factors is an important step towards a positive approach to learning in the long term.

Sati can tutor Maths with Calculus, English, History, Classics, and Media Studies all up to Level 3.

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