Christchurch Head Tutor

Matt is studying a statistics, philosophy, maths, and economics at UC. Before that, he completed two years of engineering but decided that studying a wide range of subjects was the way to get the most out of university.

Matt believes that having broad horizons is important in life, and he incorporates this into his tutoring by making sure that students always know how what they’re learning fits into the world around us.

Matt is able to teach science up to Level 1 as well as English, mathematics (calculus and statistics), and physics up to Level 3 and Scholarship. Additionally, Matt is able to tutor mathematics under the CIE curriculum up to A-level. Matt enjoys tutoring students from any and all backgrounds, and has had extensive experience with a diverse range of students.

For Matt, keeping learning fun and focused is the key to successful learning. Matt believes that making tutoring sessions something that students genuinely want to go to means that students get the most out of tuition, and that this also develops a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom. While Matt makes tutoring fun, he is also firmly subscribes to the idea that learning comes best from being constantly challenged to improve, so lessons with Matt will never be an easy ride!

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