Christchurch Tutor

Lazar is currently in his second year studying towards a bachelors degree in engineering with honors. Throughout high school Lazar enjoyed maths, physics, chemistry and electronics which led to him to study toward becoming an engineer. As such he is able to tutor in these subjects up to level three as well english up to level two.

Lazar sees one-on-one tutoring as a great method of forming an understanding of a subject, giving the student the support they need develop their understanding and further their knowledge of a subject. It allows for a more direct and personalized study plan to be formed which best suits the needs and ability of a student. He likes to see students grow a passion for their chosen subjects, leading them to find their own motivation for study.

Lazar likes to tutor by helping the student to establish a solid understanding of the subject’s basics. He believes that this can then later be used to better solve more complex problems by decontructing them into simpler, core elements which can be individually solved and pieced together to form a final product. He also believes that this leads to a better understanding of the problems being solved and can allow a student to transfer skills learnt through solving one problem to another.

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