Christchurch Tutor

Chrysteon is studying Electrical Engineering and is in his Second year at the University of Canterbury. Previously attending Auckland’s Sacred Heart College, Chrysteon achieved highly in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, which persuaded him towards an Engineering degree. He enjoys the problem solving aspects of these subjects the most. Chrysteon also enjoyed taking English based subjects at high school because they taught skills that weren’t available in STEM subjects and has helped turn him into a well-rounded learner.¬†Chrysteon is able to tutor in English, Physics, Maths (Calculus) and Media Studies up to Level 3.

Chrysteon enjoys the prospect of one-one-one tutoring as an opportunity to share his knowledge and passion for subjects and inspire students to similar passion for learning.

As a very organised person, Chrysteon likes to break problems down into their most basic concepts to be solved in a simpler way. Whilst enjoying a relaxed environment, Chrysteon believes that constantly challenging students is the best way for them to learn and grow.

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