Christchurch Tutor

Cameron is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Canterbury. Cameron attended Glendowie College in Auckland and completed Year 13 in 2016. Physics and Mathematics have always been a strong point of Cameron’s learning and he has a passion for problem solving. Aside from these subjects, Chemistry, Biology and History have also been areas that Cameron has thoroughly enjoyed learning about.

For Cameron, education is the key to the future and he has a life-long dream to give any kid around the world the opportunity to learn and achieve academic success. One on one tutoring is something that Cameron believes is the ideal way to learn a new idea or pickup a new concept in a relatively small space of time. Forming strong learning-based relationships is an exceptionally productive way to succeed in a subject and Cameron has seen this first hand through previous tutoring experiences.

Cameron finds that the most rewarding part of tutoring is seeing a student change their mentality on a topic or subject from being almost impossible to comprehend to being able to confidently answer any type of exam question on the given area. Cameron aims to create a learning environment where the student doesn’t feel afraid to re-ask a question or speak out when they don’t understand a concept. Attitude and motivation is something that Cameron understands is key to academic success and he is always trying to guide students learning and study habits using these key values. With this in mind, Cameron’s underlying goal is to get the student to achieve their maximum potential and believes that this is always possible with the right mindset towards learning.

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