Christchurch Tutor

Ariana is a second year masters student at the University of Canterbury currently pursuing a Masters in Water Resource Management after completing a double major in Biology and Geography the previous year. She is passionate about environmental science and enjoys the different perspectives her studies bring to this. She is particularly interested in applying her theoretical knowledge to real life problems and in turn, helping others to relate what they are learning to the wider world.

Ariana is able to tutor Biology, English, Chemistry, General Science, Maths (including Statistics) and Geography. She believes one on one tutoring provides a more effective learning environment for the student in comparison to regular schooling as lessons can be individually tailored to fit their needs and interests. She likes to use context as a way to illustrate the relevance of concepts beyond just gaining good grades in exams. Through this, she hopes to equip students with the skills to reach their potential.

Ariana approaches new ideas by breaking them down into manageable sections so as to build a strong foundation in a topic. This approach allows students to gain a deeper understanding and confidence in themselves as well as in their study. She also likes to encourage students to make connections between different concepts and different subjects. This helps students to pick up new concepts more quickly and to bring ideas together to solve complex problems.

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