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Nkhaya is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing at Massey University’s Albany campus, although her past experience with Psychology has given her a keen curiosity for Biology, too. In the past few years, she’s had experience as a Youth Leader for holiday clubs overseas, has been a blog contributor, and has written and published full-length novels.

Nkhaya is highly passionate about excellent-quality education – a trait she inherited from her closest family members, who are dedicated teachers, tutors, and lecturers. She also thinks that education can unlock a variety of unique opportunities as it did, and still does, for her. Nkhaya enjoys doing one-on-one tutoring, as she believes it provides a strong supplement to traditional schooling that truly allows students to flourish in their own time, without the pressure of formal teachers and academic settings. She aims to help students reach step-by-step, bite-size goals, while helping them strive to meet their fullest potential in good time. She also tries to maintain a casual teaching style to reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety that students may face, especially since tutoring can seem daunting for some.

Nkhaya likes working with students using a variety of teaching methods, and she often uses calendars, brainstorms, video content, and written material to teach. She tries to vary the style of content to keep students interested and engaged in their work. She hopes to produce good work with students, while fostering a positive attitude towards, and a strong mindset for, education that will stay with the student throughout their schooling journey.

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