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Neysa is a first year student studying at the University of Auckland towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology. She is aiming to pick up a double major later on when she discovers where else her interest lies in the vast field of biological science. Neysa has a keen interest in biology especially in relation to people, it was her favourite subject in high school and she would love a career in biological research, perhaps as a physiotherapist, or perhaps medicine.

She was born in Indonesia and moved to NZ at age 5. She studied the IB programme in Year 12 and 13 but also did Level 1 and 2 NCEA papers in Year 11, so is familiar with both systems. She can tutor IB Biology, English, Maths and Spanish. She has a passion for learning and is really excited to be working with Inspiration Education to support young people in their educational journey.

In her spare time, Neysa is a massive foodie and loves eating. She also loves dance and soccer and watching Narcos on Netflix. Travelling is also one of her keen interests. Neysa is friendly and bubbly, and has a good sense of humour. She really aims to make the lessons she delivers engaging and enjoyable whilst still challenging her students. She will push her students to do the best they can do and maximize their potential. She puts an emphasis in tailoring lessons to each individual students to make sure their specific needs are being met and using a variety of different mediums for learning, such as visuals and videos, notes, discussions and problems. She will also coach study skills, and exam techniques alongside content within the context of the subject she is tutoring. Neysa believes in a holistic education and will focus on developing skills as well as covering content to instill and build confidence in her students to become independent learners.

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