Auckland Tutor

Leanne is currently a fourth year student at the University of Auckland, pursuing a conjoint degree in a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Marketing. She likes social science subjects, and enjoys passing onto others her passion for English, History and Geography.

She wants to help people realise why these traditionally less taken subjects are also important. Leanne likes to tutor students, as she enjoys seeing the lightbulb moment – when a student finally understands a concept they have been struggling with for a long time. She thinks that all students learn differently, and aims to use different techniques during tutoring to suit the student and keep them engaged! Whether the students are engaged and excited to learn about the subject is important to Leanne.

She thinks that content knowledge is not the only thing which determines whether the student does well, but also the other aspects of a student’s life. Therefore, Leanne thinks that the holistic model of tutoring which Inspiration Education implements is a more effective and targeted form of tutoring as opposed to a sole focus on teaching content knowledge.

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