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Ellena is currently studying Chemistry and Mathematics in her Honours year at the University of Auckland. She loves learning and being challenged, especially in the sciences. It is this love of learning that she enjoys seeing fostered in others as well as helping them have ‘break-through’ moments where concepts become clear and cemented in a student’s mind. However, these moments can’t happen until a student engages in a subject, which is why she believes the holistic model and encouraging a desire to learn are just as important as the subject content.

Ellena believes that an effective teaching style needs to match the student’s learning style. She first discovers what the student does understand, and from there helps them to build connections between existing knowledge and new ideas. She likes to explain concepts so the student not only understands them, but also how it fits within the rest of the subject. She also believes regular practice is the best way to stay on top of a subject, and so provides this for her students.

One proud tutoring moment occurred two years ago when she helped a Year 13 student, with little knowledge of Aqueous Chemistry, achieve Merit in the NCEA exam. With only a month of regular tutoring before the exam, the student gained knowledge and confidence; and achieved a result they were both very happy with.

Ellena tutors in Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics, as well as Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

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