Auckland Tutor

Dasha is currently studying a Physiology and Engineering conjoint at the University of Auckland. She enjoys learning about how the natural world works and she eventually wants do design something that might help many people one day. She believes that a determined and a curious enough student can achieve their dreams beyond their study. She enjoys supporting students in their understanding and also tries to grow an interest towards the subject in the student she tutors.

Dasha has studied Physics, Biology, Calculus, and Chemistry. Dasha believes that having someone who is supportive and can help understanding in a personalized way is very helpful and allow the student to have the option to fully understand a subject instead of just having a surface level understanding in topics the student did not enjoy. She also believes in letting the student practice questions and make mistakes as making mistakes can really help with the understanding of a concept.

She likes to make sure the student understands the key terms and the fundamental knowledge needed to fully answer a question and also how to best demonstrate that knowledge in an exam answer. She likes to use diagrams especially if they are useful in the understanding of a certain concept and tries to make the sessions interactive. She also makes the tutoring sessions full of feedback to ensure the student is getting what they need out of the lesson.

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