Our Story

From the founder, William Guzzo

I had a rough start to school.

As a child, I was removed from my birth father, survived a near-death experience, and battled with a severe learning disability. For a large part of my life, I was led to believe that I simply wasn’t smart enough to do well at school.

But two of my teachers put their faith in me, staying after school to help with my reading and writing. I ended up receiving a distinction award for my achievements, and exceeded my peers in multiple areas. I’ve never forgotten how it felt to have someone else believe in me.

At highschool, I set my sights on top scholar, and was ridiculed for it. No one thought I could do it. Against the odds, and with dedication and strategy, I proved them wrong. But I’ve never forgotten how it feels to have no one rooting for you.

I founded Inspiration Education so that no more students have to. So that every child can feel like school is theirs for the conquering.

There are many powerful myths in the education system about intelligence and learning that set certain children up for failure. We are taught that if we get a bad mark on a test, or can’t understand something at school, it is mainly due to our level of intelligence.

The brain is not a fixed entity, it is a muscle, and like any muscle, it strengthens with practice and strategy.

Inspiration Education – our learning model; our tutors; our values and our vision;  – is founded upon this simple idea. Our approach is designed to help every student, no matter their level, realise the breadth of their potential, and use that potential to determine their own future.

I know all too well how it feels to be the underdog, to struggle with conventional learning, to have a dream no one else believed in. That feeling drives Inspiration Education today.

We began with a team of five tutors, and now our team includes more than 100 tutors across New Zealand. We’ve seen over 1,000 students benefit from our programme, students who have been inspired to believe, achieve and succeed at school and beyond. We’ve developed our own free NCEA resource platform, StudyTime New Zealand, and have acquired more than 25,000 online followers who regularly engage with our content and take on our advice. We regularly host events, workshops and meetups to engage the community with our vision, and reach as many people as possible.

At Inspiration Education, we believe in learning for a lifetime. We believe every child should have the power to determine their own future. And we believe that power comes from education.

Give your child the Inspiration Education experience, and watch them realize their own potential. Let us be the game changer in your child’s education.

“Inspiration Education was founded for the student who isn’t getting the attention they deserve in class, or the student who has given up on school, or for the student who dares to dream.“

– WILLIAM GUZZO, Founder, Inspiration Education

Here is a small taste of the success stories we have achieved so far:


We had a student, Ben, who went from Not Achieved at NCEA Level Two English, to Merit in Level Three English.


We had a student with Aspergers, Julie, who did not have the academic confidence to attend traditional school, so was studying NCEA via Correspondence. We not only guided her through her correspondence work but also inspired her to attend school the following year.


We helped a student, Jess, turn around her year so that she had enough credits to get into a competitive university course and pursue her dream.


One of our students, Emily, was awarded the Otago University Academic Excellence Scholarship because of her results in her level 3 exams.

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