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“The most helpful study guide- such an easy read, but explains key concepts perfectly- I love the blue boxes for key terms! Thank you StudyTime- feeling much better about Level 2 Bio knowing I will be saved by the study guides!”

– BELLA, student, Wellington

"Chemistry was never my forte, I would always scrape by with just Achieved grades on tests. After I got these guides, with only a few days with them I was able to boost this so much that I was getting high Merits. I am confident that with more time to use these I can easily smash out my externals and get that cheeky Excellence endorsement. 10/10."

– TOM, Year 13 Chemistry Student, Palmerston North

"A handy A5 sized, 40+ page booklet with really useful and informative guides covering cells, enzyme activity, movement of materials, photosynthesis, respiration, cell division, factors affecting life processes and key terms. A simple ordering process and quick delivery time. Very pleased with our purchase and think it will be a huge help."

– LEANNE, Teacher, Wellington

"The study guides came within a day of ordering them. They have a clear, formal but fun format that allowed it be easy to follow and get the information that I need. It is very helpful and I highly recommend it."

– KEZIAH, Student, Hamilton

“Thank you so much for sending these books! They are honestly one of the best things I have ever come across… they are literally going to be the best guide until exams. I wish you would have done something similar for Calculus.”

– STUDENT, Christchurch

"They make studying for tests/externals a breeze. Everything is broken down in bite-sized chunks so it’s really easy to get down. The notes are laid out in a simplistic manner and look great too! I think these guides will be a valuable asset for me getting Excellence in all three standards at the end of the year!! The guides are online for free, and these can be fairly pricey, however, I felt that buying these would support a local company which provides support for a number of students around the country!"

– DARRIN, Parent, Wellington

"I got this pack for my son who is doing level 3 chemistry this year, he thinks they’re great and is actually using them to study!"

– LISA, Parent, Palmerston North

"Thank goodness for the organic reactions section!! In all seriousness, these are extremely useful for me and I’m really glad I bought them. Would highly recommend to everyone."

– SARAH, Parent, Palmerston North

"The guide is the perfect size, and the content made me quickly have a better understanding and increased my confidence in Acids and Bases! The way it is written makes it very easy and enjoyable to read."

– SARAH, Student, Auckland

"100% worth it! Extremely useful with my studies and preparation for my mock exams."

– DARRIN, Parent, Wellington

"These guides are so helpful. I was struggling with chemistry and genetics and these guides have boosted my confidence significantly."

– NATHAN, Student, Auckland

"My teacher absolutely hated me for getting this but joke's on him because I might actually pass MCAT now!"

– NATHAN, Student, Dunedin

"I purchased this pack for my daughter who is currently in Year 11. She finding your guides easy to read, and so far very helpful. They are very well written with great humour. She will definitely be using them to reference back, come study leave."

– MANDY, Parent, Auckland

StudyTime’s Walkthrough Guides take the stress out of NCEA.

Earlier this year, our tutors joined forces with education platform StudyTime to create a textbook unlike any other on the market.

The aim was to give students an affordable, relevant, lightweight resource to walk students through their NCEA subjects.

Since we released them, we’ve had over 200,000 online downloads – and sold more than 1,850 print versions nationwide.

So why do Kiwi students love our guides so much?



Written for Everyone

Our guides assume no prior knowledge, and they’re also small enough to be read in one sitting alone. This means anyone can pick one up and gain a strong overview of the subject.

Proven Learning Strategies

Each guide uses science-backed learning techniques that ensure a holistic understanding of the subject, not just one based on memorised facts.


The online versions of our guides are completely free, and our print versions are affordably priced to “break equal” on the cost of producing them. We wanted to make NCEA knowledge accessible to everyone and anyone.


No Fluff

Each guide contains information corresponding to exactly one current NCEA standard, giving the student everything they need to know to sit the assessment or exam: no more, no less. 

Visual Appeal

Each guide is filled with coloured illustrations, and beautifully designed to promote easy learning.



Give your teenager the NCEA support they've been missing.

Limited stocks available. Order a Walkthrough Guide today and have it at your doorstep by tomorrow.

What's the point of textbooks?

Find out about the pros and cons of textbook learning from education experts.

Does my child need the help?

Work out whether or not your child is struggling at school, and common reasons why.

Take the stress out of exams.

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Insights for Parents and Students

Make the most of tutoring with our online resources.

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