Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

About Tutoring

Does my child need tutoring?

Students and parents enter our programme for a variety of reasons, from disappointing exam marks to struggles with particular academic subjects and more. In short, if you’re seeking personalised support to help your child excel in school and exams and build a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, you’ve come to the right place.

How soon might I see results?

While every child is different, regular lessons bring improvement within a few months. These improvements include better grades, improved confidence, more efficient study habits, higher self-motivation, and a better attitude towards learning.

Why are your plans based on weekly lessons?

We have found that students benefit most from having at least one hour of tutoring per subject per week. This interval ensures the previous week’s material is fresh in their minds and lets them address new doubts as they arise. We will work to keep our plans flexible around your child’s schedule and learning needs. Between lessons, you and your child can stay connected with your tutor through the online MyTutoring portal.

Tell me some of your success stories.

We’ve supported over 1,000 students in five cities through our programme. Over 80% our students achieve NCEA with a merit or excellence endorsement. Nearly 100% of our families would recommend us to friends. Read more success stories here.

Why are tutoring lessons at the library?

In 2010, we did an experiment using the three most common tutoring locations: at home, at an office, or at the library. On average, the students who received tutoring at the library received the highest grades. The library provides an excellent learning environment without the distractions of home and without the sterility of an office. Having tutoring at the library helps your child stay focused and relaxed—and inspires him or her.

About Our Tutors

Are your tutors qualified?

Our tutors are steeped in the subjects they tutor. They’ve received excellent NCEA marks and are often studying that particular subject at university. What’s more, our tutors go through the most rigorous training programme in New Zealand. They receive initial and ongoing training and we invest in them with more than 25 hours of professional development annually.

How do you match my child with a tutor?

We start considering a match in our first call with you. We’ll choose a tutor whose personality and skills profile matches your child’s needs and interests. With over 100 tutors in five different cities, we have a strong team. All tutors are personable and police-vetted.

Prices + Packages

Why are your fees monthly?

Our tutoring is about more than your child’s weekly session with our tutor. We provide you ongoing comprehensive feedback, support between lessons, and an array of resources. That’s why our model is a service and not based on a per-lesson fee. Furthermore, families find it easier to budget for tutoring when it’s one flat monthly fee.

Do you offer package deals?

Yes, we certainly do. Browse our pre-planned courses, or create a customized plan of study for any occasion where you need additional support. We are also now offering exam-tailored packages, beginning in Term Four. Sign up anytime. For other questions regarding packages, you can email us at

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We do everything we can to ensure that your child gets the learning support he or she needs. All monthly plans come with a free trial lesson, and after that, if you are not satisfied with the first real lesson, you can cancel tutoring and receive a refund for the full month’s cost. We are also a member of the New Zealand Tutoring Association and abide by their policies in regards to conducting quality lessons.

How do I pay?

Once you have signed up for lessons, you can make online payments easily through our website’s MyTutoring portal. We accept payment through internet banking, cheque, and credit cards. Unless an alternative has been organised with the head office, you are expected to prepay monthly after the initial lesson.


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