Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

About Tutoring

Does my child need tutoring?

In our time, we’ve helped students from all walks of life, who have come to us facing a vast range of challenges.

Our belief is that anyone can benefit from personalised support to help at school, regardless of their level, confidence or grades. 

In short, if you’re seeking qualified mentors to help your teenager excel in school (and build a lifelong enthusiasm for learning along the way), you’ve come to the right place.

How soon might I see results?

We usually find that with regular lessons, parents will notice powerful improvements within several weeks.

While we can offer one-off support to help a child navigate an internal, assignment or test, our learning model is designed around steady, incremental progress towards “big picture” goals.

The longer the student sticks with regular lessons, the more visible their improvements will be. These shifts might include better grades, higher confidence, more efficient study habits, stronger determination and a positive attitude towards school and learning.

Why do you recommend weekly lessons?

Having one hour of tutoring per week ensures the previous week’s material is fresh in the student’s mind, and allows them to address any doubts or questions as they arise. It also lets the tutor track progress accurately, and identify issues in the student’s learning before they impact grades.

However, we are always happy to work to keep our plans flexible around your child’s schedule and learning needs.

Between lessons, the MyTutoring portal allows you and your child to stay connected with your tutor.

Tell me some of your success stories.

We’ve supported thousands of students in five cities through our programme. Over 80% of our students achieve NCEA with a Merit or Excellence endorsement. Almost 100% of our families would recommend us to friends. 

Read more success stories here.

About Our Tutors

Are your tutors qualified?

Absolutely. Our tutors are mostly students or young professionals who’ve excelled in the subjects they’re tutoring in. What’s more, our tutors receive more than 25 hours of professional development annually – making ours the most rigorous tutor development programme in New Zealand.

How do you match my child with a tutor?

Consideration for a suitable tutor begins as soon as we hear from you. After you fill out a consultation form, our customer engagement manager, Sarah, will assess your child’s personality, skills, availability and interests, and select a handful of suitable tutors from our team.

After finding a match and confirming the tutor’s availability, Sarah will send you a profile of the chosen tutor, and provided you are satisfied, a meet and greet will be arranged from there.

With a team of over 100 tutors, all of whom we know and trust, we’ve never been unable to find a suitable match for a student. All of our tutors are young, personable and police-vetted.

Prices + Packages

What if I decide after starting that tutoring is not for me?

To allow students to trial the service, our first lesson is “risk-free”. This means you can pull out of the package with no further charges, provided 24 hours notice is given before your next scheduled lesson.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If there is a lesson requiring rescheduling due to illness with at least 24 hours notice, then it is the responsibility of the cancelling party to organise a lesson to be held within 14 days of the original lesson.

If there is less than 24 hours notice given for a student being absent from a lesson for any reason, the lesson will be deducted from your lesson total.

If the student is away from tutoring for an extended time (e.g. school holidays) and the tutor and head office is given two weeks notice, then lessons can either be rescheduled to the next suitable time, or can be used at a later date as a ‘Make-up Lesson’. These can be used at any time before the end of the year.

How do I pay?

Once you begin lessons, you will receive an invoice sent to you via email. We accept payment through internet banking, cheque, and credit cards.

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