Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

About Tutoring

Does my child need tutoring?

Students and parents enter our programme for a variety of reasons, from disappointing exam marks to struggles with particular academic subjects and more. In short, if you’re seeking personalised support to help your child excel in school and exams and build a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, you’ve come to the right place.

How soon might I see results?

While every child is different, regular lessons can bring dramatic improvements within just a few months. However, as a rule of thumb: the earlier the student begins tutoring, the quicker and more sustainable their improvements will be. These shifts might include better grades, higher confidence, more efficient study habits, stronger determination and a positive attitude towards school and learning.

Why are your plans based on weekly lessons?

Often tutoring is seen as a ‘band aid’ solution, only sought out when students are facing a particular issue or problem at school. We believe that tutoring should do more than that. Our service is designed to not only supplement academic excellence, but also develop long-term “life” skills such as discipline, accountability and time-management, which students can carry with them for long after they leave school. Our regular, weekly subscription model has proven far more effective at developing these skills than random, one-off or short-term plans. Having one hour per subject of tutoring per week ensures the previous week’s material is fresh in the student’s mind, and allows them to address any doubts or questions as they arise. In saying this, we are happy to work to keep our plans flexible around your child’s schedule and learning needs. Between lessons, the MyTutoring portal allows you and your child to stay connected with your tutor.

Tell me some of your success stories.

We’ve supported 1,000s of students in five cities through our programme. Over 80% of our students achieve NCEA with a Merit or Excellence endorsement. Almost 100% of our families would recommend us to friends. Read more success stories here.

Why are tutoring lessons at the library?

In 2010, we did a scientific experiment using the three most common tutoring locations: home, at an office, or at the library. On average, students who receive tutoring at the library received the highest grades. Libraries provide an excellent tutoring environment without the distractions of home, and without the sterility of an office. We’ve found that conducting our tutoring at the local library inspires focus, fun and success in our students.

About Our Tutors

Are your tutors qualified?

Absolutely. Our tutors are mostly students or young professionals who’ve studied in the field they’re tutoring in. They are not only recruited for their academic history, but also for their people-skills, empathy levels and mentoring skills. What’s more, our tutors receive more than 25 hours of professional development annually – making ours the most rigorous tutor development programme in New Zealand.

How do you match my child with a tutor?

Consideration for a suitable tutor begins as early as our first point of contact with you. After you fill out a consultation form, our customer engagement manager, Sarah, will consider your child’s personality, skills, availability and interests, and assess several possible matches from our team. After finding a match and confirming the tutor’s availability to take on the student, Sarah will present you with chosen tutor, and provided you are satisfied, a meet and greet will be arranged from there. With a team of over 100 tutors, all of whom we know and trust, we’ve never been unable to find a suitable match for a student. All of our tutors are young, personable and police-vetted.

Prices + Packages

Why a full year subscription?

Our yearly subscription model delivers sustainable, long-term and effective academic growth. The length of the commitment allows students and tutors to grow familiarity in their lessons, allowing for more nuanced support and deeper progress.

Our service goes beyond simply weekly sessions, we provide you ongoing feedback, advice and mediation between lessons and an array of exclusive resources.

Additionally, we believe consistent practice and feedback are critical components of meaningful growth – we see this again and again in our results. Just like a sport, regular practice is key, and all of our research and feedback shows that students who get weekly lessons demonstrate the most powerful transformations.

Do I have to commit for the entire year?

While we encourage long-term commitment, we understand that students may need to discontinue tutoring for various reasons during the year. If your circumstances change or you are unhappy with the service for any reason, you can choose to opt out of continuing tuition at the end of each school term. You must give our head office 2 weeks notice if this is the case.

What if I decide after starting that tutoring is not for me?

To allow students to trial the service, our first full lesson after the initial meet and greet is “risk-free”. This means the student can pull out of the lesson with no further charges, provided 24 hours notice is given before your next scheduled lesson. You are also able to opt out of the package after the first month of tuition.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If there is a lesson requiring rescheduling due to illness with at least 24 hours notice, then it is the responsibility of the cancelling party to organise a lesson to be held within 14 days of the original lesson.

If there is less than 24 hours notice given for a student being absent from a lesson for any reason, the lesson will be deducted from your lesson total.

If the student is away from tutoring for an extended time (e.g. school holidays) and the tutor and head office is given two weeks notice, then lessons can either be rescheduled to the next suitable time, or can be used at a later date as a ‘Make-up Lesson’. These can be used at any time before the end of the year.

How do I pay?

Once you begin lessons, you will receive an invoice sent to you via email. We accept payment through internet banking, cheque, and credit cards. We offer a range of different payment frequencies:


  • Yearly

9% Discount

  • Half Yearly

5% Discount

  • Termly

2% Discount

  • Monthly

  • Fortnightly

(credit card or direct debit only, will incur an additional processing fee)

  • Weekly

(credit card or direct debit only, will incur an additional processing fee)

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