Partner with us for your next educational project, idea or improvement initiative.

Create Something Great by Partnering with Us

We have been in the business of education for more than six years now. We understand what goes into good education, the keys to learning design, and what students want. Let us add value to your organisation or project.

Consulting and Training

We are available on a consulting and training basis to assist with improving the people, projects, initiatives or organisational learning systems you already have. We aim to inject our engaging brand of sound educational practice and structure that is backed by research.

Examples of some of the consulting and training projects that we could work with you on:

  • Creating (or enhancing) a training program for the tutors or teaching assistants in your organisation/program.
  • Enhancing educational delivery in your organisation. For example, course design and corporate training programs*.
  • Educational program design. For example, school-run tutorials, peer tutoring groups, university/PTE tutorial structure, homework clubs, or other¬†educational schemes.
  • Interviewing your students and proposing changes to optimise your course, class, or project.
  • Reviewing your resource or online application/learning management system/tool and ensuring that it incorporates the science of learning*.

*Note that we cannot code your application for you, but can advise on the educational design aspects.

Projects and Joint Ventures

We can work directly with your organisation to completely outsource tutors or resource development.

Here are a few examples of how organisations have outsourced (or could outsource) tutoring or resource development:

  • Developing school run after-school (or school holiday) tutorials.
  • Creating, designing, implementing and monitoring a peer tutoring program in a school.
  • Outsourcing the entire provision of tutoring for an integrated educational initiative, including supplying and training tutors.
  • Executing a ‘study camp’ for a high school over the school holidays in order to boost science achievement rates school-wide.
  • Designing summary sheets and worksheets on careers options.
  • Speaking to high schoolers about optimum ways of studying.
  • Contracting academic tutoring for busy young athletes attending a sports academy.

If you are interested in partnering us for consulting, training or for your next project: