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How Amanda Conquered Her Fears of Maths and Science

“She ended up also doing quite well in her Maths external which she expected to do poorly in.”
– Julie, Mother of Amanda, Year 12 Student, Wellington.

Amanda* came to us after her mock exams. She was struggling with content, but more critical was her lack of confidence. “She was too embarrassed to ask for help in class because she thought people would think she was unintelligent,” Amanda’s mother told us.

It’s a situation that we encounter often. Academic success is certainly dependent on knowledge of content, however, confidence in one’s own abilities is just as vital.

When Amanda and her tutor Caitlin started working together, Amanda’s lack of confidence was something they addressed. Not only did they focus on content, but they also worked on building up Amanda’s belief in her own abilities. It’s often surprising the impact that a boost in confidence can have on a student’s academics.

It was important for Amanda to feel comfortable around her tutor and so Caitlin’s easy going attitude created the right environment for Amanda to learn in. “Amanda found her tutor Caitlin very non-threatening and easy to talk with”, Amanda’s mother says. “More importantly she didn’t feel that Caitlin in any way judged her intelligence.”

Caitlin helped Amanda gain significant confidence in Science – a subject that she had always struggled with. Before tutoring Amanda was planning on dropping Science in Level Two, however, Caitlin has helped her re-engage with the subject and she has now decided to keep studying Science in Level Two. She is even considering pursuing a career in Science in the future!

Amanda believes that tutoring even helped her in subjects she didn’t receive tutoring in. “She ended up also doing quite well in her Maths external which she expected to do poorly in,” Amanda’s mother notes. Tutoring gave Amanda the confidence to ask questions in her classes, meaning she did well in her subjects across the board and achieved excellence endorsement overall.

Amanda has requested tutoring with Caitlin again so we’re excited to have her on board for this year too. How awesome it is to see our students engaged and interested in the subjects that they previously disliked. Congratulations to both Amanda and Caitlin!

*Real name not used

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